Light beams drifting into a corroded disagreement

CR: 68
Year: 2010
Duration: 12'
Instrumentation: Orchestra and 8 Voices
show details

2 Piccolos
2 Flutes
4 Oboes
Clarinet in Eb
2 Clarinets in Bb
Bass Clarinet

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

4 Trumpets in C
4 Horns in F
2 Tenor Trombones
2 Bass Trombones
Bass Tuba

4 Percussion
1: 4 Tom-Toms, Snare Drum, Wood Blocks, 2 Suspended Cymbals
2: Tam Tam, 2 Metal Cans, Bongos, Triangle, Timpani
3: Bass Drum, Guiro, Whip, Maracas
4: Marimba

Acoustic Guitar
2 Electric Guitars
Bass Guitar

2 Pianos

8 Voices (2S.2A.2T.2B)

2 String Quartets
4 Violins
2 Violas
2 Cellos

Singers & Instrumentalists of the Royal Conservatoire conducted by Manoj Kamps

In 2010 I was commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague to write a piece for the public opening ceremony of the school term 2010-2011. I decided to set up something big and started to call a large number of musicians that I knew to form a large ensemble - singers, wind players, string players, percussionists, guitarists and pianists. In this way I brought together a large ensemble of 55 people in total.

The piece that I wrote for this ensemble, Light beams drifting into a corroded disagreement, can be divided into a number of tableaux or situations that are often linked with each other in an associative manner. Also the phenomenon of the concert ritual is being tested, highlights include a vuvuzela-moment (which is a kind of horn that produces a loud monotone note which was very familiar for many people due to its heavy use during the soccer championships at the time) - without the use of a real vuvuzela; and, at the end of the piece, a surprising reversal of roles between the ensemble and the audience - that I'm not going to spoil here yet.

show performances
  • 6 September 2010, 12.30, Arnold Schönbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, The Netherlands (Premiere)
    Singers & Instrumentalists of the Royal Conservatoire conducted by Manoj Kamps
    Opening Concert school year 2010-2011 Royal Conservatoire of The Hague
    Conductor Manoj Kamps
    Piccolo 1 Gaëlle Dohen
    Piccolo 2 Emeline Dessi
    Flute 1 Susanne Peters
    Flute 2 Rozemarijn van Egeren
    Oboe 1 Arthur Klaassens
    Oboe 2 Marleen Hoenink
    Oboe 3 Helmke Jansen
    Oboe 4 Elise Sluiman
    Clarinet in Eb Denise van Leeuwen
    Clarinet in Bb 1 Jasper Grijpink
    Clarinet in Bb 2 Anne Overpelt
    Bass Clarinet Vincent Martig
    Soprano Saxophone Marijke Kroon
    Alto Saxophone Femke Steketee
    Tenor Saxophone Hugo Loi
    Baritone Saxophone Daan van Koppen
    Trumpet in C 1 Anne Oelers
    Trumpet in C 2 Rutger Woudenberg
    Trumpet in C 3 Nicolau Lafetá
    Trumpet in C 4 Pieter Koster
    Horn in F 1 Caroline Bovée
    Horn in F 2 Edward Peeters
    Horn in F 3 Hanna Guirten
    Horn in F 4 Mees Vos
    Tenor Trombone 1 Klaas van Slageren
    Tenor Trombone 2 Adriaan van der Louw
    Bass Trombone 1 Lars-Peder Sørensen
    Bass Trombone 2 Nuno Morais Henriques
    Bass Tuba Harm Vuijk
    Percussion 1 Mei-Yi Lee
    Percussion 2 Paula Brouwer
    Percussion 3 Robert van den Bosch
    Percussion 4 Mishel Taufik
    Acoustic Guitar Martin van Hees
    Electric Guitar 1 Robert Blatt
    Electric Guitar 2 David Pocknee
    Bass Guitar Ronald Maas
    Piano 1 Teodora Stepančić
    Piano 2 Akane Takada
    Soprano 1 Jannelieke Schmidt
    Soprano 2 Merlijn Runia
    Alto 1 Maria Fiselier
    Alto 2 Liza van der Peijl
    Tenor 1 Esteban Manzano
    Tenor 2 David van Lith
    Bass 1 Tim Maas
    Bass 2 Wouter Verhage
    Violin 1 Emmy Storms
    Violin 2 Caitlin Ensor
    Violin 3 Isa Goldschmeding
    Violin 4 Jelmer Strijkstra
    Viola 1 Maya Felixbrodt
    Viola 2 Tal Eisenberg
    Cello 1 Margriet Oomen
    Cello 2 Otto Bakker


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