CR: 66
Year: 2010
Duration: 11'
Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb, Violin & Piano

During the first few years of studying at the conservatoire my interest in the classical sonata form was reawakened, first and foremost by the fascinating group analysis sessions by Cornelis de Bondt of works by Mozart, Beethoven and others. I started to think about whether there would be some way to modify this way of thinking in some way so I could apply it to my own practice at the time.

Synthesis, written for a trio of clarinet, violin and piano, is an essay about one possible, personal solution of 'upgrading' this form by using some of its characteristics or procedures. The piece consists of four sections:
  • An exposition: the two themes are introduced in their pure form, the first of slow character and unfolding to a climax, the second of fast and quickly changing character;
  • A development: (failing?) attempts to reach a synthesis between the two themes;
  • A recapitulation: a synthesis of the two 'themes'. There are more possibilities than the one used in the piece;
  • Coda.
show performances
  • 27 August 2010, 20.15, Hanoszaal, Schouwburg Orpheus, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (Premiere)
    Igal Levin (clarinet), Amarins Wierdsma (violin) & Daniël Kramer (piano)
    International Masterclass Apeldoorn 2010


Score and parts available for sale: for more information contact us.