Overtredingen betreffende de veldpolitie

CR: 58
Year: 2007-2008
Duration: 7'
Instrumentation: Alto & Piano

Overtredingen betreffende de veldpolitie is a cycle of four songs for low female voice and piano in which four consecutive articles from the Wetboek van Strafrecht (the Dutch penal code) have been set to music. The last of these four, article 461, is probably the most well known penalty clause in Dutch law. This article can be found on a lot of blue signs all over the country that also carry the text "Access forbidden". The four articles 458-461 have a lot of similarities to each other, which made it very interesting for me to set each of them in a very different way.

show performances
  • 30 November 2009, 19.30, Korzo Theater 5 Hoog, Binckhorstlaan 36, The Hague, The Netherlands (Premiere)
    Liza van der Peijl (alto) & Christiaan Richter (piano)
    KC Lab 1
  • 12 January 2010, 21.00, Theater Kikker, Ganzenmarkt 14, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Liza van der Peijl (alto) & Christiaan Richter (piano)
    Proeflokaal #77


Score available for sale: for more information contact us.