Orgel elders

CR: 104
Year: 2021
Duration: 5'
Instrumentation: Vibraphone
(Acoustic) Guitar
Bass Clarinet

Vincent van Amsterdam (accordion), Martin van Hees (guitar), Bart de Kater (bass clarinet), Christian Smith (vibraphone)

On 16 October 1621, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, one of the greatest Dutch composers of all time, died in his hometown of Amsterdam. In 2021, 400 years later, NTR Podium on the Dutch Radio 4 asked a number of Dutch composers to reflect on his work.

2021 was also the year in which confidential notes from the Dutch government formation were revealed to mention - to everyone's surprise - a "functie elders" ("function elsewhere") for a Dutch politician who played a major role in uncovering a scandal in which authorities wrongly accused thousands of parents of making fraudulent child benefit claims (which led to the loss of their jobs, homes, or their children being taken away from them).

None of Sweelinck's keyboard works have been preserved in his own country. All the pieces we have now came to us through copies made of his works by his students from abroad.

The organ ("orgel" in Dutch) on which Sweelinck performed back in the days, built by Hendrik Niehoff in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam in 1544, was replaced by a newer instrument in 1724. To find an instrument from that time that is still playable, one has to look elsewhere.

show performances
  • 14 May 2021, 17.15, NTR Podium, Studio Radio 4, Mediapark, Hilversum, The Netherlands (Premiere, live broadcast)
    Christian Smith (vibraphone), Martin van Hees (guitar), Bart de Kater (bass clarinet), Vincent van Amsterdam (accordion)


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